About us

The publishing house Doplněk (Complement) was established in Brno by Jan Šabata who was the director of the publishing house Atlantis at that time. According to the original idea it should have been „a complement“ to Atlantis, intended for publishing literature not corresponding directly with its scope of publishing activities. Since 1991 Doplněk has been an independent publishing house aimed particularly at publishing books from the field of social sciences.

At the beginning, Doplněk has specialised in publishing law textbooks. As to the socioscientific literature, the series of historical, psychological and social-ecological publications have been gradually established.

Regional literature, concentrated mainly on the Brno region and its surroundings, was incorporated into the activity of the publishing house quite naturally. In connection with that fiction appeared as a new item in the publishing house production, bringing about also the later series of memoirs and translations of contemporary world literature.

The publishing house Doplněk has published more than three hundred and fifty books during the time of its existence. The most successful books of recent years are, first of all, translations of the Norwegian literature, books from the social-ecological series and historical publications. The memoirs of the actress Vlasta Chramostová gained the best acceptance of readers in the time of the publishing house’s existence.

The books being published in the publishing house Doplněk are distributed by: Kosmas, s. r. o.; Aleš Čeněk, s. r. o.; in Slovakia Inform, book wholesale, and Elita, spol. s r. o. (see the section Contacts).